About Skuteundfish

Skuteundfish; Norwegian for “Small Vessel & Fish” 

Small vessel meaning : Hand held craft work with solid feel and weight with elegance and beauty for indoor and outdoor display

Our custom works boast the beauty of the “silver element” (III) which represents Intuition-Illusion and Imagination, creating a mental and emotional balance with decades of lasting beauty.

Featured Art

“’Moongate 2015” The Astral Obsession

Something simple and distressed yet, very complex, meaningful and magical!  With 100 hand set Crystals, Herkimer diamonds and earth elements such as air, water, fire and earth below the 3 – 9  o’clock positions and  crystals, diamonds, meteor and extraterrestrial elements above the 9 – 3 o’clock positions, all while making the astral pattern of the Pleiades (7 sister) star constellation.  All seven sisters were cast in Herkimer diamonds in the outer ring in the correct astral positions.  Asterope, Taygeta, Celaeno, Maia, Electra, Alcyone and Merope.  There is also a true hexagon, double triangle, representing man and woman, set with the correct crystals as noted in my code book. Next comes Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” with hand and foot points set with 7 individual pieces of each specific crystal:  Jasper, Citrine, Carnelian, Aventurine, Sodalite, Chevron Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystals, all in unity and all in the correct chakra positions.  



Andromeda, May 13, 2017

Hand bent stainless steel with ocean washed stone w/ embedded crystals -Then nested on antique stone pedestal with stainless finial. 

Fluently poised with equal amounts of positive and negative space.  Forever searching the skies…… 




HAGLKORN (Norwegian meaning Hailstorm) June 16, 2018

60” tall Cast Iron and steel sentinel, with iron stained and engraved natural stone and embedded with iron rings and natural earth crystals facing upward. Heavily pickled for unique patina with salt, vinegar and peroxide then sealed. 

Heavy iron Norwegian protection piece that commands attention and respect with rune signage and beautiful patina.



Thorn – June 2018

Heavy iron and steel -Triple spiked sentinel piece with aged rust patina complimented with bronze and poured copper ingot removable from stone base 

Medieval devilish iron sentinel. A warning signal for those who may trespass.



Star Key – June 16, 2016

Balanced and complex piece with ornate cast iron, clear crystal glass and magnetic hematite- Bolted and nested to a beautiful ocean washed stone and complimented with nonmagnetic hematite and red sphere finial. 

Beautiful positive and negative shadow effect depicting the complexity of the key to our lives and the universe.

Photo Credit: W.Mcauliffe

Professional Achievements

Showroom displays at Cabinet Revival, Member Newport Art Alliance, Member and Artist with the Newport Art Museum, Member and Artist with the Portsmouth Art Guild, Member and Artist with the DeBlois Art Gallery, Member and Artist with the Spring Bull Gallery, Member and Artist with Gallery X, Owner/artist Skuteundfish Metal Works Private sculpture sales and commissioned work since 2013.

Skuteundfish Metal Works and Images​


The Artist

Timothy Michael Hetland is a 3rd generation Norwegian descending from Kragerø, Norway. Through his metal artworks he defines the fine balance and beauty of metal, wood, crystal and stone to create everlasting interior and exterior sculptures.

Tim’s one of a kind sculptures and photographs boast both beauty and the distressed look and are unlike anything else you will find in the art world   

His solid built sculptures start from a simple moment in time and after many hours of labor brought to life.

The raw metal materials and ocean washed stone that are used are made to last for centuries and are high grade metals and alloys such as aircraft Aluminum, Stainless, Copper and Bronze.

The beautiful framed and matted photos of the sculptures are perfectly and meticulously done by Karen Lea Hetland, the artist’s wife of 20 years, whom together with much love create beautiful timeless objects and images for all to enjoy and cherish.


 Thus the Skuteundfish way III.