Our Work

Our custom works boast the beauty of the “silver element” (III) which represents Intuition-Illusion and Imagination, creating a mental and emotional balance with decades of lasting beauty.


We can custom design your indoor and outdoor pieces, superior crafted weather vanes, corporate office works, schools, parks and recreation pieces.

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Skuteundfish has multiple types of art, ranging in materials, sizes, and design. 

About Tim & Skuteundfish

Skuteundfish Sculptures, Artwork, Metal Work and Paintings are influenced by landscapes, elements, and materials from the earth, with a Norwegian influence. Each piece of work is unique as well as derived of materials from the earth. 

Skuteundfish’s art is like no other, and compliments any home, business or outdoor space

The Artist

Timothy Michael Hetland is a 3rd generation Norwegian descending from Kragerø, Norway. Through his metal artworks he defines the fine balance and beauty of metal, wood, crystal and stone to create everlasting interior and exterior sculptures.

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All of Skuteundfish’s art is one of a kind, No copies or replicas created. 

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